"Ayushi" is a high class brand of leather handbags for the Indian market. It offers high quality and trendy handbags for different occasions.

The brand "Ayushi" has been launched by Ms. Ayushi Jalan. Her family has been into leather handbags export for 25 years and this naturally inclined her towards designing leather products.

The drive behind the brand Ayushi was to give Indian consumers the same quality of leather products that consumers in fashion hubs like Paris and Milan are using. Most Indian bags were made of PU, which is artificial and lacks the classy elegance of leather. Ayushi is specifically designed and manufactured for classy and fashion conscious Indian women. Ayushi promises to be a trendy product appealing to different spheres of a woman's life. It is a stylish yet accessible brand that is available at the right price. The brand is chic and glamorous-a trend settee in the category of women's fashion. It is an expression of the confidence and beauty of GenY Indian women. Our collections bring out the varying facets of a a woman's personality-we have bags for every mood.

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